Easy to Use for Hiring, Onboarding, and Coaching

You can get started with S2P2 in minutes and at any point in your sales hiring process. Our customer success team will guide you step-by-step from set-up to scheduling candidates to preparing your hiring managers. S2P2 provides unbiased, accurate data for better hiring, onboarding, and coaching and delivers an engaging and memorable candidate experience.

How It Works

Schedule candidates

1. Schedule candidates

Scheduling is super easy. We recommend testing all applicants that pass through your initial resume screen. More candidates mean more opportunities to find the best as well as unconventional candidates. This increases your qualification pool and can enhance your DEI initiatives. Simply enter their email address, and they will receive a link from the system to get started. You can also email them a link yourself if that works better for you.

2. Candidates take simulation

The candidate experience is engaging and memorable. Candidates receive an email and can take the simulation at their convenience on any device. We humor to minimize test anxiety and start with a practice simulation for candidates to gain hands-on experience. Then, they play their way through 5 parts of the simulation. Most will be done in under 45 minutes. 

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S2P2 Applicant Screen

3. Prioritize interviews

You will see your top candidates immediately grouped in tiers correlated with first-year quota attainment. Once candidates finish the simulation, their scores appear in your dashboard. You can also drill into each to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to schedule the best immediately and saves you hours of time.

4. Prep hiring managers

Recruiters and hiring managers can drill into any candidate to gain detailed insight into the 13 attributes of sales performance we measure. This enables more precise screening and gives hiring managers better information to prepare for interviews. This way, they can spend valuable interview time better understanding the candidate’s true strengths and weaknesses and ultimately make a better hiring decision.

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5. Fast-track onboarding and coaching

Once the rep is hired, you can shorten onboarding by months by focusing on the areas where the rep needs the most help. This targeted development and coaching accelerates their time to full productivity and quota attainment.

Summary of Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of bad hires
  • Faster hiring of top talent
  • Larger applicant pools
  • Greater objectivity
  • Less bias
  • Enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Lower applicant drop-out rates
  • Higher offer acceptance rates
  • More efficient interviewing
  • More effective interviewing
  • Faster onboarding
  • Enhanced image as an employer of choice

S2P2 is super easy to use and the ROI exceeds 10x.

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