S2P2 Diagnostic

Objectively and consistently diagnose strengths and weaknesses across your team

In addition to assessing job applicants, S2P2 is a powerful diagnostic. Our heat map gives you a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales reps and teams so you can align training and coaching for maximum impact.

How It Works

Schedule candidates

1. Schedule your team

Scheduling is super easy. Simply enter their email address, and they will receive a link to get started. Alternatively, you can send us a spreadsheet with their names and email addresses, and we’ll do it for you.

2. Your sales reps take the simulation

Reps receive an email and can take the simulation at their convenience on any device. We use light humor to minimize test anxiety and start with a practice simulation for candidates to gain hands-on experience. Then, they play their way through 5 parts of the simulation. Most will be done in under 45 minutes. 

S2P2 Avatar - Predictive Simulations for Sales Hiring

This is a screen shot of the S2P2 applicant dashboard.
This is a screen shot of the S2P2 applicant dashboard.

3. View individual and team results

As soon as a rep completes the simulation, their results will appear in your dashboard. Reps are grouped in tiers from 1-5 correlated with first-year quota attainment. You can also drill into each to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Generate heat map and schedule debrief

Our client services team will compile detailed scores for your reps into an easy-to-read heat map. This lets you see strengths and weaknesses at the individual and team levels. Additionally, one of our PH.D. psychologists will walk you through the results step-by-step and answer your questions giving you a full understanding of the state of talent on your team.

5. Prepare your action plan

Once the briefing is complete, most clients will create an action plan to leverage strengths and shore-up weaknesses for their teams. The insight from the diagnostic makes it easier to personalize development and coaching where it will make the greatest impact.

Summary of Benefits

  • Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalize development and coaching
  • Enhance the performance of B and C players
  • Rescue and retain marginal reps
  • More efficiently focus sales training spend
  • Enable more objective sales management

S2P2 is super easy to use and the ROI exceeds 10x.

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